Book Information
Fish Happens!
Fish Happens
General Information
Author: Tricia Boczkowski
Skin Color: Caleb Meurer
Language: English
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Publish Date: September 1, 2003
Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-0689859960

Fish Happens! is a SpongeBob SquarePants book written by Tricia Boczkowski and illustrated by Caleb Meurer. It was published by Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon on September 1, 2003. It is available in the United States and is in English. It also has 32 pages. The book is formated like this: one page will say "Unfortunately", and give the bad news, the next page says "Fortunately", and give the good news.


SpongeBob is planning on getting his drivers license and going on a road trip with Patrick, but he fails the test yet again. He decides to use his bike to go on the trip,but Patrick weighs downs the side car so they couldn't move. Then Patrick remembers that he had a license, so he drove. They go to many places, but eventually they end up with no money and gas. A man tows them back home with his bike and sings them songs.