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Chocolate with Nuts

Chocolate with Nuts

Chocolate with Nuts is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season three. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick sell chocolate bars

SpongeBob finds a magazine called Fancy Living Digest in his mail, which depicts the lifestyles of the extremely wealthy. Squidward shows up and takes the magazine, which was actually for him, and SpongeBob and Patrick ask him how people can get so rich. SpongeBob then decides to sell chocolate bars to raise money in hopes of achieving the fancy lifestyle. However, no one initially wants to buy any chocolate bars. The first person they visit goes berserk upon hearing the word "chocolate", and begins chasing them while madly screaming "CHOCOLATE!!!!" He stalks them throughout the episode, appearing and causing them to run away at several points.

Along the way, SpongeBob and Patrick are also convinced to purchase candy bar carrying bags by a con artist who is only known as The Con Man. He later scams them again, selling them "candy bar bag carrying bags". The next person was Sadie, but SpongeBob couldn't find her candy bar making her impatient, slamming the door. SpongeBob then runs when Tom appears. They are next seen in a diner whare they think about a new approach. Patrick says "Let's get naked," but SpongeBob decides to be nice. Patrick says "I love you" to the first guy they try this on, but he slams the door in disgust. Eventually, after seeing an advertisement for "Barnacle Chips", SpongeBob and Patrick decide to increase the appeal of their product by "stretching" the truth and again leave when Tom shows up. The first customers they use this tactic on are an old lady and her very old mother. They claim that the chocolate will make one immortal by rubbing it on their skin, which the extremely old mother is delighted by.

The duo continue this strategy, making several absurd promises about the chocolate. Their lies culminate in them dressing in bandages and pretending to be badly injured and in need of an operation. However, the customer they go to is himself in far worse shape than they claim to be, and must sell chocolate to pay his medical bills. Feeling extreme sympathy for the man, SpongeBob and Patrick buy a huge amount of chocolate from him with all the money they had just made. However, the man is then revealed to be the same con artist who had scammed them twice before.

SpongeBob and Patrick are soon attacked by the initial first customer, who catches them off guard and makes them fall down and drop their chocolate. He says that he has been trying to catch them all day, and seems intent on killing them before saying that he would simply like to buy all their chocolate, which leaves SpongeBob and Patrick speechless. SpongeBob and Patrick make a fortune from him, which they use to rent out a fancy restaurant on a double date with Mary and her mother.